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Other services

Psychometric assessments

otrosTo get a better selection of staff in your company offer different applications of psychometric detailed reports that show the profile of the candidate. For levels of management, middle management and operational.

Focused on:

  • Behavior (MOSS, Kostick, Allport, LIFO, CLEAVER)
  • Personality (BQF, COLOR, IPV, 16 PF, MMPI-2)
  • Intelligence (Terman, Barsi, RAVEN, Wonderlic)


Labor studies and socioeconomic

According to the specific needs of our customers, we developed various studies:

Labor Analysis

We ensure through P.G.R. (COMMUNICATIONS, COMMAND AND CONTROL COMPUTER (C4)), that the person is not signed to verify federal crimes in the BOARD OF CONCILIATION AND ARBITRATION AS BOTH LOCAL FEDERAL that the element did not have individual or joint product demands of his job performance.

Socioeconomic study

Through a thorough and professional analysis, our executives are responsible for rule on whether the candidate is recommended or not to confirm the information provided by a home visit.


Provision of safety equipment

We can manage the security team for its staff: uniforms, goggles, helmets, gloves, shoes, caps, jackets, etc.

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