Quality and innovation in service

Strengths SIIOSA

Mass Recruitment
Legality and absolute transparency.
Financial solvency
Strategic recruitment
Broad coverage in media:
-Facebook Recruitment 2.0
-Mobile advertising
-Online job exchange
- Employee Profit
- Mobile Office
-Local job exchange
-Interview area
-Vacancies in door

Support of a multidisciplinary team

Field recruiters
Human resource specialists
Occupational psychologists

Our clients

Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

We hire and manage personnel of all levels
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  • We look for candidates with the profile that the client requests.
  • We have an extensive job exchange at all levels.
  • A pre-selection interview is conducted and the best candidates are selected for a final interview with the client or to follow the process indicated by the company.
  • Psychometric tests, socioeconomic studies and verification of job references are applied according to the required position and the client's need.
  • Your company conducts the final interview, selects and hires the best candidate.

  • Benefits and strengths
  • Saving time in the search for candidates.
  • Saving costs of recruitment and selection.
  • Availability of candidates according to the profile.
  • Recruitment of large groups.
  • Wide portfolio of the operating sector.
  • Optimization of time.
  • Provision of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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    We recruit and select the best candidates according to the profile and job requirements
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  • Search for candidates - Recruitment.
  • Interviews.
  • Elaboration and signing of labor contract.
  • Delivery of file.
  • Administration of absences, vacations, disabilities.
  • Payroll elaboration.
  • Employee obligations IMSS, INFONAVIT, TAXES.
  • Exit surveys.
  • Negotiations and layoff notices.

  • Benefits

  • Staff available for you when you request - Strategic recruitment plan.
  • Saving costs for personnel administration, selection and contracting.
  • All costs are billable and deductible.
  • It will not have labor, legal and personnel management responsibilities.
  • It will not have legal responsibility to terminate the industrial relations.
  • It increases the flexibility of your organization and the rapid response to customers.
  • Focus your efforts on the key processes of your company.
  • Use internal resources in other areas.
  • Personalized attention - with both the client and the person.
  • Provision of personal protective equipment.

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    Payroll Administration

    We offer you the elaboration of the payroll of your company.
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  • Report of incidences of the period through specialized software.
  • We deliver a report of the obligations to be covered during the period (IMSS, SAR, INFONAVIT).
  • Control attendances, extra time, bonuses, etc.
  • Social security process.
  • Delivery of payroll receipts.
  • Absences management, holidays, disabilities.
  • Support in the IMSS and INFONAVIT registration process.
  • Execution of labor contracts.

  • Benefits

  • Proper control of the management of your payroll. Payment in a timely manner.
  • Delegate your process to a specialized company.
  • Focus on the key processes for your company, such as the work climate, among others..
  • Personalized attention.
  • Reduce the risk of fines to the authorities.
  • Reduce costs

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